weekly phoenix herald. (phoenix, maricopa county, ariz ... - weekly phoenix herald 4-17...آ  ol...

Weekly Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz ... - Weekly Phoenix Herald 4-17...آ  ol raining
Weekly Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz ... - Weekly Phoenix Herald 4-17...آ  ol raining
Weekly Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz ... - Weekly Phoenix Herald 4-17...آ  ol raining
Weekly Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz ... - Weekly Phoenix Herald 4-17...آ  ol raining
Download Weekly Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz ... - Weekly Phoenix Herald 4-17...آ  ol raining

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    H E II iili A LD. Siltex &3a.cl Projllctor.

    Ifates of 2iulcrij!tion.

    Pr ...25 cm S'.X Vruitl-- . S s.oo Oau Year 10.00

    Three Von ha . . ! 2" 9:x fonih? .'f. ".. .. 2 'f-- On: Tfear In Advaice

    8 n.t oa t:m- - . .. 5.00

    Ar.'Lr it rat OrpicE n., "teutisjnu AND JOl: TlATT.i

    Vii 1 porer tn Eie ,v a!1. r'-- --inciprtl l.t'l-s,:;-- : San Fraiic.ir-c--r

    :,ri f ui(,Til f.i.ip8..

    fJNn agent, employe orother personr a"i:b-yriy.c- to rout act bills on account of tiiis pay-- , except oa n order ol Ibc piOitr:eior.

    TlinriuT. April 17, 1S?M


    Boons of the Hennc-lioa- 1 Te'Dtni iii l.: nrrat C' rarji:tt". V

    P'::sroTT. Aril!.. Ma-p- h :il. 1S84. A Territri.V (Jonvemion of Th-- . li-'- U'H-ca- n

    vrrtv of tho cr Ar!zooo. to con-i- -t of sevMtr-flv- e !e1et- - afrls -Ktilf !.tn lw heid at 'he ritv of Poemx, Apii; i". for tire jr.rp.' of ce-- ie:tu:r two ('1 pats ana two aitma-!c-to ti.ft ft r.n'b'-i'-- Naionnl Convrnti.n t be- he'd Mici". J run 3, 1384 Trie sev- crat of tl.e Termor? viUbo en titled io t!:c following nnmbflrs of dele-To-i- u

    said Torri orial. t. onvt. n.ioa, lo--

    .Apr.e:;e 6 Cochise. .. . j ..12 ' G d a ...... . 5 Graham..-- ..

    f aricopn . 9 Mohave .. 6 Pinal 5 Pima . .1 Turn a . 5 Yavanni. . . . . .12

    The best i tcest of the vartv and Ter- - lltorr n fnl1 . attend ince ot d'.ie-p-

    .ami this eommHt; eirn'-s?l- iio"n!- ' rcra t;ee t- take prorn

    and afttivn nteft'tir-'-- for he selection of iil-- il ar.d ir--i nun iu the pur y to e tniprse th TfTito-".;:- ! Convention TOby ca.lfil . fur tlltit Convention h.mid-'Jr'-tn- c ir-'ft et r:f!fi;l t ihe rf the pflrtv ripon n!l nnnHc q:t.-s.ln- and tionn feiiou'.i. he pti 1"m;d to i'8 cour.ciltt wl'.nje pit- -: c.rt'tnct or rTnt itW( r.ro not inhaimonv the trariittonp and funda-mvritf-

    p: whico form ijie erand ci'dc- - iiniort:iliz--- under the'namt '1

    l In Tin pa-t- v. Noti e f cont'.-fi-f (if ni.v). rutin? th grounds therefor, sha I be irivn to the C ntrnl t ommittee on or h.-t- e tli '4th of April, on wLic.li day the o mtnir e-- - trill muet at the i'hoeuix Ilo-t- kl

    ii. M ordorof The Committee.

    t l.Ai-- ciaTUC ILL, Chairman. Wzest. K KTRtiT, rjccietarv.

    The Iride iolUr is t t be recoincd

    The Berlin Embassy is to be left Tacav.t, tt least tor a time.

    The New York stock market i reported flat asja fioonder.

    Moitet is reported as abundant and interest very low in tbe east.

    Netv Orleans has a strike for higher wagea among her carpenters.

    The railroad companies of the Mississippi valley seem to fail to ngrec en a fool. Freights from the east may be cheaper.

    San Dif.go is to have another rail- - road to be built by the Southern Pacific company from Doa Palmaa to that city. The sujvey Is now under way, so saith the Sun.

    There is co doubt now ltft that Quijoioa is to provl an early failure

    a haih. ho-.is- is abo-.- to be erected at that place; such wild investment 'will ruin any Arizona mining camp.

    Washington telegrams announce that certain defeat awaits the Mors ris bill when it comes up . Cause, Tildeu and Payne are down on it, and Randull is to the front with h's war upon it.

    The organ says that Oury was tbe choice of the assembled Democrats on last Saturday evening for next Delegate to Congress. Well he is a sort of remarkable man in Congress

    in fact a very remarkable man in Congress. We 6incerely hope our Demi cratie friends will nominate Lim for a third tarn at the wheel, and we are certain a man will get there who will have some ability.

    Kew Mexico is having a htrd tiSie of it, or at least so Albuquer- que thinks. It seems that Santa Fe h is captured the majority of the Kgisinture and is pushing for costly capitol buildings to be built at that t 'ace. Alliutiuetqiie wants the cap- ital, so can't fee anything good ia tue legislature or Santa Fe. It does 1. ok a li-ti- strong when a $200,000 uppropria'ion is made for capitol in a uew Territory like Kew Mexico.

    Charles Crocker, the railroad mnnHto, estimates that San Fran-- o

    '0 has lost at It ast tweiity per cul nf her business by the couiphj-tii.- n

    of die Northern Pacific rail- road, and be is probably not far-fro-

    right. The whole Oregon and V.'HSi'ingten Territory country for- merly did business direct with San Fi tnciEcn, whereas the trade of the buiiie section i.f country is new hirr-!- y controlled by eastern com-jmTC'- ftl

    )a'ere-- t direct'y connected by rail, the main poitit3 being St. r.u tnd Chicago.

    Ki r a i 1 e disgust is expicsspd fe! the result in me cages of the Tombstone larley ftati'.ls. I'iie en tin? failure of the O wninent to do anjthin. for its defense in three birliy c.iSe-- i and in the Tifl'anj" casp, would lh:tt Ihfie is ro.-- for 1. :a utility on tbe ptirt f'f th Gov-ern- m

    tit that it lias n.t '1 he Gt.v;. ri::iic'nt has been put ti ;:

    rus; of utatiy liiotisau U of d' 1 nr

    , in pTfj in !iis witiePi s ant fonvi-- I'J! tir-M- Hl4 p;i"01 Mi.--

    , r O::t ri:::lWi!i at a !

    to Phu-- ; ix

    kiiJ in llic luiiia D;inua ovc: 0:'.,ur seolions of tbe courtly, ami to day not ooe Si OunJrei is pnnubctl fur all the stealing that bns bteu done.

    A Chicago investor has perfected a process for utilizing pine snwdtist. This desplsr d prf-duc- ', highly com- pressed, has been successfully em- ployed in nitiktng tip center frames for carriage wheels. For tlii ptir-po- e

    it has been made so solid that it will bear a pressure equal lo Iwtnty-thre- e tons p r square inch, and it is now proposed to employ it in this compressed sla'.e in the pro- duction of complex carvings and mouldings, for which purpose, it i cbiinied, it will prove far Better than the costliest woods. Tiiese new u-- es

    for the most worthless refuse of the sawmill open up a grand future for ft, and if the invention is extended much further m tbi direction every sawmill in the country will snon possess a bonanza In its sawdust piles equalled only by their tize. Ex.

    Whether mining is a legitimate business or not depends entirely

    tiixm the way in whi;h it is carried on. When two or three worthless prospect holes are bought up for a few hundred dollars in stock, acorn, pany organize i, and treasury stock thrown upou'lhe market for the pur-p'o- se

    ol raining mouey t pay officers, mining is a swindle, ami tbe only re- turns will be disgust with them selves on the part i f those who have invested. When mines or even good prospect holes are purchased by in- dividuals or st-c- k comDanies with the determination to work them and make Paying properties at a sacri- fice of present pecuniary gains, nnd with honest aud economical man- agement, then beyond a duubt there is no more legitimate business than mining. Rocky Mountain Miainff Review.


    The above is the name of a new Banking House orgai;iztd in Phoe-

    nix to-d- ay by the officers of the First National Bank of Phot-nix- ,

    who are the officers of the new bank except a9 to the President. Hon. M. H. Sherman is President cf the new bank; Col. Wm. Christy is its Cashier, and E. J. Bennett, Esq., is Assistant Cashier. The object of the change is to uutrammel the pol- icy of the Bank, and permit it to make larger loans than the First National was allowed by the acts of Congress to make.

    The First National has been pros- perous and it has done a good busi- ness which was rapidly increasing and the new bank will succeed io that business, assume all liabilities and become the owner of all its as- sets. The policy of the new bank will be more liberal than that of the old because the law will permit it. We predict for this new bank a prosperous career and one which will be of creat benefit to the whole community. A banking institution with uch men at is helm s the of- ficers of the Valley Bank will insure safety to its depositors, ticcommoda-tio- ns

    and fair dealings with its cus- tomers generally, and we heartily say to them, Goa speed.


    Mr. S. D. Lount, who returned on Saturday evening last from a trip to Steckton with an inssne man, does not give a very flattering account of the institution which has the care of Arizona's insane, at least so far as he had tine to observe. The man receiving the patient proved to be too drunk to talk intelligibly, arid on inquiry for Dr. Clark, said he would "do for Dr. Clark." Whether the man receiving the patient was one of the proprietors or a superin- tendent or some other employee of the Langdon A Clark asylum, Mr. Lount does not know".

    If the individual found in charge of the asylum by Mr. Lount is a sample of the men whose tender cares ate extended, over the poor, unfortunate creatures which Arizona sends theie fr careful keeping and scientific treatment, it is high lime, if there is any humanity in the great Territory of Arizona, that she be providing an institution of the kind for herieif, or that at least she seek some other asylum. A good round price is beiDg paid by the Territory for the keeping of her insane, a price that should insure them the very be.--t treatment nnd other ac-c- .

    mmodatien. and sober men to

    handle them. The whole matter ought to be in-

    vestigated at once, but as matters now stand nothing can be done be- fore a meeting of the next legisla- ture, which should by all means provide for an emergency where contt ictors fur tnaintenar.ee of our inaue fail to d the work well, or

    i fin! in b'isinesK, or from other cau.-e- to do what is expected of them. A co'.i mlsi-i