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Sawaeed Employment LLC is UAE's largest Manpower Outsourcing Company with over 10000 employees onboard catering to all industries across the Emirates.Established in the year 2006 with an initial capital investment of AED51.1Million. Sawaeed is an Innovation of 17 UAE Nationals as shareholders.


  • 1. Sawaeed I.T Asset details

2. I.T Equipments
Cyberoam vpn and firewall
LINKSYSwireless Router
3com switch
3. Sawaeed Main Office
4. Sawaeed current infrastructure
5. Sawaeed Backup System
6. Backup plan

  • Currently using 2 backup systems 7. SQL backup and NTbakup 8.Normal backup on every Sundays 9. Incremental backup on every day

Future plan

  • To implement the backup system in tapes 10. With a plan of daily differential weekly normal backup and monthly one full backup

January month backup
February backup
march backup
April backup
Weekly backup
may backup
Day4 backup
June backup
July backup
august backup
September backup
October backup
November backup
11. P.A.B.X

  • Private automatic business exchange 12. the primary advantage of PBXs was cost savings on internal phone calls 13. Music on hold 14. Call forwarding. 15. Hunt groupsCall distribution 16. Sawaeed can make 10

Going calls at a time
17. Achievements

  • Implementation of corporate internet policy 18. Securing of Sawaeed network by using double authentication wan protection 19. Documentation of system inventory 20. Documentation of telephone inventory 21. Implementation of WSUS server.(windows software update server) 22. Auditing system for access control system and cameras 23. Increase the camera backup storage plan from 3 months to 6 months of storage 24. Disabling of U.S.B in almost all the systems. 25. Proper licensing of all the machines and Microsoft office 2007 26. Segregating and removing the wireless network from servers and file server. 27. Establishment of Epro in P.R and Right Erp in Finance

On going projects

  • Replacingof assembled computers with branded computersin main office 28. Upgrading of Ram to minimum ofone GB in all the systems. 29. Implementation of internet security in mobilization center.

Projects in pipe line

  • Reducingthe work station downtime by reserving backup computer for each departments 30. Increase the bandwidth for P.R department for making the online visa processing faster 31. Implementation of H.R.M.S software for H.R team 32. Upgrading of windows vista to windows 7 professionalfor all the mangers. 33. Connecting the computers in training center to sawaeed domain.


  • Not having our own mail server. 34. Cannot restore any mails which is being deleted or lost . 35. Not having I.T service desk or C.R.M softwareto simplifyday today tasks 36. Need to have static I.P/dyns services paid account so the vpn service will be stable. And can easily implement our own mail system. 37. No backup router for fault tolerance 38. Not having an effective disaster recovery plan+ higher end firewall out side our network 39. Not having an effective antivirus ,anti malware ,spyware protection 40. Not having a power backupsolution.

Dream project
From small steps come big changes
41. Current business Plan
42. Dream project
43. Dream project
44. Future network Scenario