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  • PouchCash Project Presentation ( )

  • Universal Mobile Application Cash and Wallet on a Smart-phone. Client Bank. Cash Killer. 0.3% monetization from each transaction.

    Replacement of Cash in SME retail

    Issue. Potential.

    The Project Objective in 16 months:

    To occupy 25% of the regional (city+region) market And reach the monthly taking of 10,000,000 Rubles

    The Project Objective in 4 years: occupy 15% of market share in several



    Project Start:

    February 2016

    74% of users clean out their accounts (Sberbank). At least 30 mln. people use cash only in their business. The acquiring of payment cards (IPS) is expensive. Lack of trust towards current card accepting systems. Federal law of 22.05.2003 N54 FZ (as reworded of. 03.07.2016) is entirely congruent with the PouchCash algorithm and solutions.

    We are looking for investors

  • 1. Registration

    3. Expansion 2. Bank

    1. To refine upon and register mobile application as a cash (N54 FZ).

    2. To find a bank and to make an agreement with it (with a payroll card program) in a city with a million-plus population.

    3. Implement a Pilot Project, stimulating SME retail and physicist to spread it over the neighboring regions.

    Implementation plan:


  • Investor gets 7.5% in the PouchCash project against the investment of 4500 thous. Rubles at Stage 1 (MPV development, 4 months) Stage 2 ( 68 months) investment in the amount of 12,000 thous. Rubles, shall be agreed upon based on the results. The revenue calculated is 0.35% from the transaction. 0.65% goes to the bank.

    How much? Costs and calculations p.1

  • Investment feasibility study. Costs and calculations p.2:

    PouchCash Project

  • Attainable Market 65 billion U.S. dollars


    % of RF market share by 2017


    % of the international

    market share by 2020

    Key Competitor

    NFC only

    Unmanageable limit

    For Acquirers only

    In on-line mode only

    B2B and partially 2C markets. Banks (growth of their account balances), SME-retail (cheap cash), off-line operation, physicists. Banks: RF, Kazakhstan, Poland, India

    Android Pay

  • Anywhere around the world irrespective of nets.

    High level of safety (account picture, blockchain, etc.)

    Growth of account balances User bonus

    User-friendly features

    Cloud (backup and restore)

    Cross-Platform Feature, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC

    We make our clients work faster and easier!

    Why we?

  • Project Software consists of a Multi-Platform Application (both cash and mobile wallet), Banking Gateway (or API bank) and a Web-Site (technical support). Mobile application (+ banking gateway), this is actually a client bank program. The project operates even in case of its implementation in one bank (the main in the region).

    Simplified: Two people transact business with one another via the applications on their devices in the P2P mode (WiFi) and later inform their banks (synchronize) of the deal (by sending the payment order) when the Internet is available. The banks make payment. The bank does not provide for the creation of the payment system (like IPS)

    Beneficiary parties are first of all banks due to the growth of their account balances. Then SME (in the cash-mode-less costs and commission/acquiring). Its desirable that the physicists wallets were encouraged.

    Project Description and Software.

  • PouchCash Team

    People, working on the project, their contact information.

    Milyoshin Oleg


    61 years old, Founder

    +7 903 532 5992