novidades do google i/o 2014 - uma visão

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Palestra sobre as novidades do Google I/O 2014 e demos das principais tecnologias e plataformas


  • As Novidades do Google I/O 2014 Uma Viso Jos Papo DevRel Manager - Google Brasil +JosePapo @josepapo
  • Algorithms have already written symphonies as moving as those composed by Beethoven, picked through legalese with the deftness of a senior law partner, diagnosed patients with more accuracy than a doctor, written news articles like a seasoned reporter, and driven vehicles on urban highways with better control than a human driver.
  • Os prximos 5 bilhes
  • Android Auto
  • Android TV
  • Android Wear
  • Android Studio
  • Google Cardboard VR
  • DEMOS!
  • Material Design
  • DEMOS!
  • Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Datastore Compute Compute Engine App Engine App Services BigQuery Cloud Endpoints Storage
  • DEMOS! Images by Connie Zhou
  • OBRIGADO! Jos Papo @josepapo +JosePapo