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  1. 1. panamix URBAN Single Chassis Plants panamix
  2. 2. Metropolitan Mk-120 HIGH PRODUCTION CAPACITY IDEAL FOR METROPOLlTAN PROJECTS QUICK MIXTURE DESIGN PANAMIX Metropolitan PANAMIX METROPOLITAN series asphalt plants are designed and manufactured especially for highway and metropolitan city projects which require high capacity asphalt production. METROPOLITAN series asphalt plants are designed especially for clients planning to work in a stationary position for a long period of time and producing several types of asphalt at the same time. Especially designed for Metropolitan Cities Ideal for highway projects High-performance, low energy consumption Quality and long-life components HI-TECH automation system
  3. 3. Bag filter, equipped with Nomex bags, in full compliance with the strictest environmental legislation. 120tons/hour Portable Need to move with the work? The SINGLE CHASSIS can be readied for travel in a few hours. Setup at a new location is quick and simple
  4. 4. Urban Mk-80 22meters,thefirststepofmany,manymiles PANAMIX Urban PANAMIX URBAN series asphalt plants are especially designed and manufactured for medium scaled asphalt production facilities with 80 ton / hour asphalt production capacity. URBAN series asphalt plants are suitable for a wide range of asphalt production at minimum operating costs. URBAN series is environmentally friendly and due to its modular structure is easy to transport, assemble and maintain. Heavy-duty type Minimum energy consumption Low operating costs High production efficiency Easy maintenance and spare parts Quality and long-life components User friendly, high technology control systems Granular, liquid and packaged additive system.
  5. 5. Environmentally friendly and due to its modular structure is easy to transport, assemble and maintain. 80tons/hour Designed to fit in any budget and anywhere.
  6. 6. Drying Unit Drying Unit The PANAMIX DRYER was designed to have a long mixing chamber that would provide extraordinarily long mixing times. When combined with the sequential mixing process, these long mixing times ensure uniform and consistent incorporation of all aggregates, materials, and additives. Even if you are dealing with high raw-material variance or heavily modified or sticky mixes, the PANAMIX design helps you produce homogenous, strong mixes.
  7. 7. panamix GEOFLAME PANAMIX GEOFLAME The GEOFLAME is capable of burning a wide range of available fuel oils including heavy oils and waste oils. The unique Swirl Generator oil nozzle efficiently atomizes even the most difficult heavy oil and waste oil. Low pressure oil and blower air are mixed in the nozzle and create a vaporized fuel mist. A single adjustment lever changes the angle of the spin vanes in the secondary air passage. The flame is easily adaptable from a short bushy flame to a long, narrow pencil flame. N o ignition tile N o combustion chamber required Convenient flame shaping Wide turndown
  8. 8. Control System SYSTEM BLENDING CONTROLS 5 virgin aggregate. Aggregate INDIVIDUAL WEIGHING. 1 recycle bin over 1 recycle belt scale 1 mineral filler. 1 additive pump 1 asphalt pump. Calibration for all scales, pumps and feeders: Unlimited mix design stored on hard disk drive PANAMIX brings you the power and the flexibility of a PC based control system with the Windows operating system. The SYSTEM eliminates traditional control consoles and allows you to run and monitor process functions from a standard PC. The System controls and monitors several essential facility functions including proportional control of aggregate feeders and the blending of asphalt and additives. MANUAL OVERRIDE IN CASE OF MALFUNCTION The system can be run, manually or automatically, which makes it possible to operate even if the PLC fails. ADDITION AL FEATURES Monitoring software in English, Spanish and Portuguese; System for automatically diagnosing failures via PLC. Backup of the hard drive on CD-ROM; Full control of the plant's operation via monitoring software; Complete control of the process and variables; Generates a wide variety of reports: - Daily, weekly, period, production - Truck loads (issues tickets)
  9. 9. Environmental Control PANAMIX BAG FILTERS has an ample filtering area, equipped with Nomex bags, which ensures the minimization of recirculation and high-speed points. In this way, the plant is able to ensure efficiency rates greater than 99.9%, with particulate emissions of less than 50 mg/Nm3 , in full compliance with the strictest environmental legislation The use of Nomex filters makes it possible to work with a much wider range of temperatures, between 110 C and 210 C, without reducing the filtration elements' working life. The bag filters' safety system automatically and simultaneously blocks the burner if the temperature of the filters becomes too high. SAFETY SYSTEM The bag filters' safety system automatically and simultaneously blocks the burner if the temperature of the filters becomes too high.
  10. 10. panamix Storage System STORAGE TANKS PANAMIX STORAGE Tanks are equipped with heating coils for hot fluid circulation. Standard skin is zincalume or other color finishes are optional.. An 18-inch wide area along the top of the tank is reinforced to allow workers to walk on it without damaging the skin. End wall skins are made of steel for extra ruggedness. STORAGE CAPACITIES: Asphalt: 35,000 liters Plant Fuel: 35.000 liters PANAMIX TANKS are lined with glass wool and zincalume, which provides a high-capacity thermal conservation. Heat is generated by a thermal fluid heater that can use Diesel, LPG, or natural gas. They can come with internal material agitators (optional. The circulation pump and their piping are jacketed for interconnection with the asphalt plant. They are normally used to heat and store liquid AC, but can be used for other materials, such as heavy fuel oil
  11. 11. THE HEATER has a highly efficient helical coil. Coils are built to ASME standards. Heaters include insulated heat chamber, centrifugal pump and expansion tank. A low- maintenance burner and controls are also included. HEATING SYSTEM The asphalt and fuel storage tank has a coil in it through which the heated thermal oil flows forming a heat transfer system. BURNER The burner is FULL AUTOMATIC operation monoblock construction containing all the elements necessary for its operation. The diesel or gas burner was designed to comply with ECs requirements, and its control is centered on its operation programmer that controls all the equipments functions including the systems pre-ventilation in order to eliminate residual gases, the release of fuel to the system, lighting the flame of the burners nozzle, and at the end the verification of the execution of the commands given.
  12. 12. No matter what, definitely we can heat it.
  13. 13. panamix The purpose of our engineering is to turn it simple to run it reliably. All of the pictures, illustrations, and specifications are based on current information on the date this publication was approved. Panamix Roadbuilding reserves the right to change specifications and designs and eliminate components without prior notice. July,18/2013 panamix