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1. Quem somos H 100 anos atrs, George P. Johnson inventou o marketing de experincia. Hoje, seu legado continua por meio de 90 escritrios espalhados pelo mundo, ajudando as marcas mais conhecidas e respeitadas do mundo a atrair, envolver e emocionar platias, alavancando os resultados e construindo relaes duradouras com seus consumidores. A GPJ parte do projeto WorldWide, uma rede independente de agncias e empresas coligadas que juntas oferecem as mais criativas e premiadas solues de marketing de experincia no mundo todo. Simples. Cada um dos nossos 1.300 funcionrios, tem um unico objetivo: criar experincias que mudam o mundo e do vida as marcas. Este pensamento nico o que nos impulsiona para imaginar, projetar, construir e gerenciar os projetos de marketing de experincia mais inovadores, bem sucedidos e premiados no mundo. Por isso, fomos eleitos por 4 vezes a melhor agncia de Marketing de Experincia, segundo a revista Ad Age. Como fazemos? 2. A agncia lder mundial em marketing de experincia... QUEM SOMOS 3. ...em inovao com experincias ao vivo e online QUEM SOMOS 4. ...em criatividade em pensamentos estratgicos QUEM SOMOS 5. focado em alcanar melhores resultados para nossos clientes. QUEM SOMOS 6. ...resultando em Ganho de premios de criatividade QUEM SOMOS 7. Branding Eventos Experincias online e digital Desenvolvimento de mdia e contedo Marketing de entretenimento QUEM SOMOS ..que leva a excelncia em design e execuo: 8. e fazemos isso por todo o mundo 9. GPJ no Brasil A Mill Publicit e a americana GPJ formam desde janeiro de 2013, uma parceria estratgica para ampliar a atuao das duas empresas em toda a Amrica Latina. A nova parceria refora as capacidades em experincias de marca, eventos, marketing de entretenimento, digital, mobile e campanhas promocionais, permitindo que mais clientes construam marcas mais forte por todo este mercado crescente. Detentora de um modelo independente e centrado no cliente, permitiu que a Mill fosse escolhida pela GPJ dentre as 10 maiores do mercado brasileiro de eventos, pois alinha-se diretamente com o seu Projeto Wordwide, que desde 2010 est ampliando a atuao em todo o mundo e que agora j tem uma rede de dez agncias, incluindo George P. Johnson, sob a sua bandeira, todos dedicados ao marketing de engajamento. Nos ltimos anos, a GPJ tem organizado grandes eventos e exposies, das mais importantes a nvel mundial, incluindo os principais acontecimentos na China, como os Jogos Olmpicos de Pequim 2008 e 2010 Shanghai World Expo. 10. Grupo Mill O Grupo Mill Publicit um conjunto de empresas parceiras que busca as sinergias necessrias para promover seus eventos. Nosso objetivo promover um olhar 360 na confeco de seus projetos: logstica, comunicao, vdeos, ativao, campanhas de incentivo, endomarketing, cenograa - tudo isto e mais. A partir de sua estrutura colaborativa, O Grupo Mill alinha todo o seu evento num planejamento integrado, e extremamente divertido, anal isto que a gente mais gosta de fazer. Nosso grupo formado pelas empresas Mill Publicit, Mill Tur, Taste BTL e Viela Filmes. Todas estas empresas trabalham juntas para cumprir os objetivos almejados por seus clientes, e super-los. 11. CLIENTES GLOBAIS 12. Por qu GPJ? 13. GE Latin America Olympics | Employee engagement 14. If you don't have competitive advantage, don't compete. Jack Welch 15. WHY IS GE A TOP SPONSOR FOR THE OLYMPICS? 16. In order to understand it, we need to dig into the Olympics meaning: MORE THAN A SPORTING EVENT, IT A GATHERING OF NATIONS, CULTURES AND IDEIAS. 17. EXCELLENCE RESPECT FRIENDSHIP PEACE OVERCOMINGUNION PASSION PRIDE BACKGROUNDTALENT COMPROMISE 18. Feelings that TRASPASSED the barriers of time, REPRESENT the Olympic spirit and MOTIVATE athletes to break records each single day. 19. But if these feelings are the same since the first Modern Olympic Game and so is the human body, WHAT IS THE FACTOR THAT TRIGGERS THIS EVOLUTION? 20. MINDPOWER LEADS TO TRANSFORMATION 21. 1St Modern Game | 1896 241 athletes, NO WOMEN 14 countries 22. London | 2012 10.400 athletes 40% WOMEN 255 countries 23. This is remarkable! 24. Differently from the World Cup, that builds expectation towards the athletes, the Olympics - on the other hand - builds empathy. 25. WORLD CUP -Passion for the team -Touchs a cultural baseline for Brazilians -Defeat generates discontentment towards the coach and the athletes OLYMPIC GAMES -Passion for sports -The rise of new idols -The participation itself is reason for pride -Compassion towards defeat -Empathy for all nations athletes 26. The Games embrace the individual, even when sports is all about teamwork. It respects and reckons the dream of its participants. BECAUSE HE DREAMT. HE BELIEVED. HE MADE IT TO RIO2016. 27. 42 Modalities 10.500 athletes 204 nations 16 Days Over 30 sponsors 480k tourists 7 million tickets AND WE ARE IN THE VERY HEART OF THIS EVENT. 28. CONCEPT 29. Sponsoring the Olympics is a thrill we are excited to share with GEs employees. An event that has in its heart the very essence of this company. THE PASSION FOR THE CHALLENGE. THE VALUE OF TEAMWORK. THE PRIDE TO MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN. 30. GE shares the Olympic values that empower people to be the evolution themselves. We are proud to light up the passion for sport in the most congregating event of the world. But how? 31. Transforming the ways society relates to technology. 32. Desde criana eu sonho que estou voando - Patinador da Lagoa Rodrigo Freitas O que me faz acordar todos os dias, o meu sonho - Realizadora GE, do projeto de iluminao A GE se orgulha de fazer parte desse encontro - Frase da GE 33. From the alarm clock on the cell we set up to wake us up every morning to the nanocircuit that stables a heart through a pacemaker, TECHNOLOGY IS EVERYWHERE. 34. AND OUR WORK AS RESEARCHERS, ENGINEERS, SCIENTISTS IS TO ALWAYS WEAR THE INNOVATION GOGGLES, INVENTING THE PATH TO FUTURE AS WE WALK IT TOGETHER. So, to create this campaign, we would like to challenge you 35. Everything humankind has ever created if fruit of its imagination. It fuels up progress, sparks innovation, inspires people. Its about being better. Its what GE does. 36. More than a creative concept, a world of possibilities that will inspire the GE team to always think ahead and create the solutions for the challenges yet to come. 37. HUMANIZEENERGIZE For people inspired by the potencial of new ideas... GE continuosly transforms their every- day experiences for the better... CONCEIVE ... making their eyes widen, their heart utter and putting a smile on their face. IMAGINE EXPERIENCES HOW WE DO IT? REIMAGINING WELL-BEING GOOD DOING FOR WHOM? OUR RESULTS SURPRISES SMILES THRILL 38. OUR APPROACH Olympics | Employee engagement 39. Our methodology is built from the ground up to handle the diverse set of needs youve outlined in your brief. Heres how we view your needs and how we arrived at the right strategic model. We will work together using our 4D process to bring GEs fresh ideas, insights and discipline to program development and delivery. 40. The 4D Methodology D 1 Discover D 2 Define D 3 Design D 4 Deliver 41. DISCOVER Together we discover and understand goals and desires so we develop a Strategic Approach that guides our end-to-end solutions. DISCOVER will help us lay the strategic and operational foundation for GEs internal communication plan. 42. DEFINE Our objectives and signs of success become concrete, and we map out our Strategic Vision. We like to call it our Roadmap to the Future. DEFINE is a strategic phase of the project to further clarify the engagement plan for Ericsson staff and how that will drive measurable results for your business. 43. DESIGN Its time for the Big Ideas to become pieces of work. Innovative strategies and new perspectives blend together to create unique, powerful experiences. DESIGN is the stage of the campaign where we develop and activate the ideias, bringing to life everything we studied during the two previous phases. 44. DELIVER Creativity and strategy come as one in a flawless delivery, engaging staff, building brand loyalties and providing analytics-backed results. 45. AMBASSADORS The ambassadors will be the spokespeople of the Olympic spirit inside GE. So, nothing more reasonable than to focus the first efforts of our campaign on them, so they engage, believe and spread the word about GEs role during the Games. The ambassadors will be invited to the campaign launching at the Jockey Club, where the classic Wagon of Fire movie will be displayed, followed by a gymnastics performance by the Brazilian Olympic team. KICK OFF EVENT 46. AMBASSADORS After the ambassadors activation, we will distribute a communication material specially developed to welcome our leaders into the Olympic spirit, and explaining GEs role during the Games. Engaging these ambassors to GEs Olympic cause is essencial to create a sense of belonging worth spreading among the community. ENGAGING KIT 47. KICK OFF of the campaign Following the roll out, the buildings will be decorated and we will prepare a digital content to be forwarded to the team in the monthly newsletter, as a constant reminder of our compromise with the campaign. 48. e-mail marketing 49. QR Code Stickers We chose the QR Code as our message keeper. Throughout our campaign, we developed materials that contain only our creative concept and a catchphrase that generates curiosity. When read, the QR Code will direct the user to an APP* where our quiz will happen. (*) The App could both be an original intelligence or we could use GEs APP platform and only design it. 50. What you give is what you take There will be several activities during the next quarters to keep the campaign running. They will come mainly in the form of a digital quiz held through QR Co