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Page 1: Game design

Game Design-taekwondo, coupon, game


Page 2: Game design


• “The process of game-thinking and game mechanics to engage users and solve problems.”

-important things about gamification

1. To induce people to your think 2. To encourage people who play game

by using human mentality.

Page 3: Game design

MDA framework

• Mechanics- Official rules that explain the game of system

• Dynamics- player’s motion when player play the game

minute by minute.

• Aesthetics-sensibility response that game designer lead it

by game dynamics

Page 4: Game design

Eight Kinds of fun

1.Sensation: game of fun2.Fellowship: game of social

framework3.Fantasy: game of make be-

lieve4.Narrative: game of drama5.Challenge: game of obstacle

course6.Discovery: game of uncharted

territory7.Expression: game of self-dis-

covery8.submission: game of pastime

Elements of game mechan-ics

1.Point2.Level3.Badges4.challenges/quests5.Onboarding6.Engagement loops7.leaderboards

Page 5: Game design

Taekwondo(ex: badges)

Taekwondo badges-badges appear skill of taek-

wondo.-if you are skilled at any skill of

taekwondo, you are given badge that represent skill of taekwondo.

-it mostly engages children who don’t like exercise taekwondo.

Page 6: Game design

Coupon(ex: point)

• Coupon(chicken,pizza,coffee)

-when you buy chicken, you get the coupon.

- Then you collect coupons that fixed number of coupon. You get the chicken free of charge.

Page 7: Game design


• When player partici-pate the game ,he get the point. Then he can know his rank.

• High rank given the rewards that are very unique.

• So people cost lots of Money this game.

Page 8: Game design



• Lecture material(gamification)