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Sales Promotion final


  • 1. Brittany Lucio
    Tiffany Tucker
    Jacqueline Arbiza
    Reggie West
    Sales Promotion-Final Project

2. Concept Board
3. Stationary
4. Product Assortment
5. Target Market
6. The store was founded in 2009 by Brittany Lucio, Tiffany Tucker, Jacqueline Arbiza, and Reggie West. This team of dedication and creativity began their mission while attending Ai Art Institute of California-Hollywood. From there they took their ideas and opened their first store in 2010 located at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. The store name BHavior was a collaboration of the four founders to distinctively target their customers from their day to day lifestyle. Along with their suitable store name are the brands they carry with a wide selection from Billabong, Keds, Roxy, BornFamous, Lost, Hurley, Skull Candy, and many more to choose from.
The company has a bright future with expanding products and locations. They plan to include: footwear, accessories, and some locations will have a full time DJ. As of late 2010 the company will grow to?
7. BHaviormission is to generate an edgy environment by using chic designs and brands. BHavior expresses a fun and outgoing life style in a suburban trendy location. It produces a desirable atmosphere by welcoming customers with style, life, apparel, fashion, and attitude.
Mission Statement
8. Target Market Profile
9. Product Overview
10. Competitor Overview
11. Locations/Expansion
12. In-Store Event
13. Event Flyer
14. Radio Ad
15. Press Release
16. Store Flyer
17. Retail Ad
18. Online Company Campaign
19. 6th MO. Promotional Campaign
20. Buzz
21.Concept Board
22. Stationary