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Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme), that represents 47 National Federations and 6 Regional Motorcycling Associations. FIM Europe operates in conjunction with FIM in the organisation of international sporting and non-sporting events held in Europe and in the general promotion of motorcycling.





    Nr 3/2015 - May/June

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    FIM EUROPE MAGChief Editor: Fiammetta La GuidaraPhotos: Dorna, Youthstream, R. Pairan, M. Zanzani

    FIM EUROPEVia Giulio Romano, 1800196 - Rome Italy E-mail:

    FIM Europe MAG #3 May-June 2015The articles published in this magazine do not neces-sarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the bestknowledge and information available at the time thearticles were written.The copyring of articles and photos even partially isforbidden unless permission has been requested fromFIM Europe in advance and reference is made to thesource (FIM Europe)

    Workshop on Leadership

    Meeting with Dorna

    FIM Europe is in the University

    European Motoball

    Riding in Heaven 3







  • FIM Europe Mag 3/2015

    The FIM Europe Management Coun - cil, in the meeting held in Fiumi-cino last April, gave life to a newaggregation tool: the FIM EuropeClub. Through the organization ofTouring events, the Club wants todo more about people co-opera-ting in the FIM Europe, creatingrelationships, increasing collabo-ration, increasing the level oftrust in colleagues, motivatingthe group and creating cohesionand integration.Addressed to all its officials andmembers, the FIM Europe Club infact will represent an excellentmoti va tional tool, creating op-portunities for brainstorming andproblem solving, through thecharme of its experiences on themotorcycle, the emotions thatwill be generated and shared, themulti-sensorial involvement, theclimate of interaction and ex-change with others. And, last butnot least, fun on the two wheels. All Officials and Honorary Mem-bers (present in FIM Europe Year-book) and all the Presidents andSecretaries General of the FMNsof the FIM Europe will be automa-tically members of the FIM Eu-rope Club.The FIM Europe Club will organizetwo Touring events one on theroad and one off-road each year.

    So, it will split into two sections:On The Road Experiences andOff Road Experiences.Applications to organize the Ex-periences will be collected at theAnnual FIM Europe Congress inthe meeting of the General Se-cretaries.No membership fee envisagedand expenses of participation willbe borne by the participants inthe events. It is the responsibilityof the organizer of the Experien-ces to research benefits or favo-rable conditions for allparticipants. The organizer can count on thesupport of the Travel and Logi-

    stics Department and the Marke-ting and Communication De- part ment of the General Secreta-riat.For the term 2015-2018 the FIMEurope Club will be coordinatedby the FIM Europe Vice PresidentMartin de Graaff and the FIM Eu-rope Secretary General Alessan-dro Sambuco.


    FIM Europe Strategic Plan Working GroupFIM Europe Strategic Plan Working Group

    Below, from the left, Mr Danijel Vastag,the lawyer Rodolfo Romeo, Mrs IngridaVisockiene, FIM Europe President DrWolfgang Srb, the Secretary General MrAlessandro Sambuco, Mr Jos Driessen,Mr Manuel Marinheiro and Mr Roy Wet-terstad, Chairman of the FIM EuropeStrategic Plan Working Group


    FIM EuropeFIM Europeis in the Universityis in the University



    On May 22nd in the Univer-sit degli Studi di RomaForo Italico, the sole StateSport University in Italy,about one hundred stu-dents attended a lessonabout "The governance ofFIM Europe" held by FIM Eu-rope Secretary General MrAlessandro Sambuco, who is

    also an Assistant Professorof this University.Alessandro Sambuco explai-ned to the young audiencethe world of FIM Europe,which is exemplifying ofother Federations and ofthe Sporting Governance ingeneral. In particular, thelesson dealt with the prin-

    ciples at the basis of "goodgovernance", from transpa-rency to responsibility,from the participation andinvolvement of membersand stakeholders, to inte-grity and ethic behaviour.The International Sports Or-ganization was described,too.


  • The FIM Europe President Dr Wol-fgang Srb was present, too, andintervened with a speech to thestudents, explaining, in particularthe vision and the mission of FIMEurope. Dr Srb talked about theimportance of fairness in sport,environmental aspects as well asanti-doping controls, too, arou-sing the questions of many stu-dents.

    The various disciplines connectedto sport on motorcycles were il-lustrated, and finally the institu-tional aspects were dealt with:from the tasks of the General As-sembly to those of ManagementCouncil and Executive Board, andthe powers of the President, ofVice-Presidents and Treasurer, ofInternal Auditors and of the Se-cretary General.

    The students were invited to askquestions and during the twohours of lesson some of themasked questions about disciplinesthey did not know well and aboutthe relationship between FIM Eu-rope and the other National Fe-derations.

    The FIM Europe has an agreementwith the Universit del Foro Ita-lico for a Traineeship and in factup to now about ten students car-ried out their training in FIM Eu-rope General Secretariat.

    It has been pleasing for meunder two aspects, to teach inthe University in which I startedas a student in 1979, and carryout my lesson about Governanceto the students of this University,de scribing the Organization of



  • the Federation I work for, MrAlessandro Sambuco commented.I think it is very important tohave a large basis of young gra-duated people, from which wecan draw the future generationof FIM Europe leaders, makingthem aware from now of the sce-nery they will have to face.

    The dialogue with young peo-ple, the leaders of tomorrow, isof utmost importance for any or-ganisation, and so it is for FIMEurope, Dr Wolfgang Srb stated.I am very satisfied with the les-son at this top university forsport and would like to see moreactivities like that in the future.


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    In the German Stadium of Kuppenheim all teams faced several matches with one target:becoming European Champion

  • In the photos, from the top, thematches of Lithuania and Bela-rus, on the left France and Hol-land, below Germany and Russia.In the side page, the semifinalbetween Russia and Belarus



    The European Champion-ship Motoball in Kuppen-heim (Germany) startedon Wednesday 20 Maywith the pre-rounds. Allteams faced several mat-ches to gain points andfinish among the best 4placed.The matches on Saturdaywere important to de-cide who was playing forthe Semi Final, (place 3and 4), or the Final forthe Championship title.All matches took placeunder good circumstan-ces in the beautiful sta-dium of Kuppenheim.The organiser MSC PumaKuppenheim has doneeverything that was pos-

    sible to make this Euro-pean Championship asuccessful event. The four teams which ar-rived in the Semi Finalswere Germany andFrance and Russia andBelarus. Germany wonthe match with France 4-0 and Russia won thematch with Belarus 11-2.France and Belarus pla-yed a match for the 3rdand 4th place and Francewon 11-2.The final was a realthriller between Russiaand Germany, states MrMartin de Graaff, FIM Eu-rope first vice president,who attended the eventduring the last two days.

    Every time one of theteams scored, shortlyafter the other did thesame. Even after twosupplementary 10 mi-nute periods, the resultstayed equal. After thepenalties the Germanteam could score onepoint more. Final stan-ding was 6-5.This event was particu-larly successful, andthere were more than10.000 spectators intotal, adds Mr de Gra-aff.Next year the EuropeanChampionship of Moto-ball wil take place inBudel (The Netherlands).

  • 12 FIM Europe Mag 3/2015

    From the left Mr Rodolfo Romeo, Mr Oriol Abad, Alessandro Sambuco, Mr Martin de Graaff, Mr Enrique Al-dama, Mr Oscar Gallardo and Ms Amparo Porto


    Meeting with Dorna


    On the other page, the start of the Eu-ropean 600Superstock in Portimao

    (Portugal). On the left, the podium ofthe European Moto2 Series, with

    Edgar Pons, Xavi Vierge and StevenOdendaal at the end of race 1 in Al-

    garve (Spain). Below, Carmelo Mora-les (31) winner of race 2 and KennyNoyes, winner of race1 of European

    Superbike in Algarve


    On April 16th the FIM Europe re-presentatives Mr Martin de Gra-aff, Mr Alessandro Sambuco andMr Rodolfo Romeo met Dorna re-presentatives Mr Enrique Aldama- Dorna COO-CFO, Mr Oscar Gal-lardo - CEV Director, Ms AmparoPorto - Promoter Area Directorand Mr Oriol Abad - Legal Coun-sel, in their Headquarters in Ma-drid. On the table several issues con-cerning theFIM CEV Repsol Euro-pean Championship, the Stock600 European Championship, run-ning with the World Superbike

    and the development of the coo-peration between FIM Europe andDorna for the future. The meeting took place in avery good atmosphere, Mr deGraaff stated at the end of themeeting. The two parts agreedwith the proposals from bothsides. This year will be used toharmonize Rules and ideas for fu-ture developments to the Euro-pean Road Racing Championships.FIM Europe will continue in deve-

    loping new Road Race Cups in allparts of Europe with the commonaim to feed the most importantChampionships.We are very proud, added MrAldama, of the partnership theFIM Europe has with the Dornagroup and the incredible workthey are planning to do to conti-nue forming young talent riderswith the objective of feeding thebig Championship