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<p>FGV (EAESP) Fundao Getulio Vargas So Paulo, Brazil </p> <p>Website www.fgv.br Bocconi MSc International Management Slots 1 (on Mestrado Profissional em Gesto Internacional) More info at http://mpgi.fgv.br/en </p> <p>Requirements - Italian undergraduate degree 100/110 (students holding a foreign Bachelor Degree </p> <p>should submit a Bachelor grade transcript and the Bachelor Diploma together with the dossier to be evaluated by the Selection Committee) </p> <p>- Proficiency in English: the proficiency can be demonstrated through a recognized International Language Certificate (TOEFL min. 600/250/100, IELTS min. 7.0, CAE min. B or CPE, other C1 certificates recognized by the Bocconi language Center), a Bocconi language exam (official Bachelor transcript) or Bachelor in English (official transcript). </p> <p>Study Plan The final study plan will be agreed upon with the Director of the Graduate Degree. The A.Y. at FGV is divided in 4 modules. Students should have at least 60 ECTS achieved at Bocconi during the 1st year MSc and 48 ECTS to achieve at FGV (for a total of 108 ECTS to get the FGV diploma). The study plan will be the following: </p> <p>- 3 core courses (GLOBAL MANAGEMENT PRACTICE, STRATEGY IN AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE, APPLIED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY); </p> <p>- 5 elective courses (one of them being INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT) </p> <p>Language Requirements Language Requirements: All Bocconi students, including Double Degree students, have two language exams in their second year study plan. To pass them they can either: </p> <p>- come back to Bocconi to sit the exam; - take an International Language Certificate recognized by the Bocconi Language Center; </p> <p>Internship As per Bocconi rules, a 10-week internship, if abroad, or 12-week internship, if in Italy, has to be carried out and registered in the study plan. Students can access both the Bocconi and FGV Career Service Systems in their second year. </p> <p>Thesis The thesis will be developed having a Bocconi and a FGV supervisor and will be discussed both at FGV and at Bocconi. Further info will be available once selected. </p> <p>Beginning of Lessons End of August. </p> <p>Special Warning Special Bachelor recognition procedure in Brazil. </p> <p>Further Information http://www.sao-paulo.com/ </p> <p>http://www.fgv.br/http://mpgi.fgv.br/enhttp://www.sao-paulo.com/</p>