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Elvis Presley - Follow That Dream - FTD


Este Blog est dedicado a dar a conocer la msica que me gusta, las cuales tienen derecho de autor y tu eres el responsable de lo que hagas con el material al descargarlo. Este lugar no fomenta el pirateo, y si puedes y quieres, compra el material original aqu expuesto. Este blog est creado sin ningn tipo de compensacin econmica.

Here's another suggestion from an user, the "Follow That Dream" album in FTD series ripped at 320kbps and 19 scans from the booklet. It contains a lot of alternate takes and bonus tracks. Especialmente para t Marisol!! Hope you enjoy!!! Track list 1.- Follow that dream; 2.- Angel; 3.- What a wonderful life; 4.- I'm not the marrying kind; 5.- Sound advice; 6.- A whistling tune; 7.- Angel (takes 1 & 2); 8.- Follow that dream (takes 1 & 2);


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Hola a todos, bienvenidos a mi blog. Aqu encontrareis Rock and roll 50's,

9.- What a wonderful life (takes 2 & 1); 10.- A whistling tune (takes 2 & 3); 11.- Angel (take 4); 12.- I'm not the marrying kind (takes 2, 3, 4 & 6); 13.- Follow that dream (take 3); 14.- Sound advice (take 1); 15.- Angel (take 5); 16.- What a wonderful life (takes 3, 4, 5 & 6); 17.- Angel (Take 6); 18.- Follow that dream (take 4); 19.- Angel (take 7 - stereo master); 20.- Angel (vocal overdubs); 21.- A whistling tune (take 4 - stereo master without overdub); 22.- On top of old smokey. Download disc and coversPUBLI CADO POR KRAZ Y M AYBE CRI STOBA L EN 18:0 6 ETIQU ETAS : ROCK AN D ROLL 3 COM EN TARI OS

Rockabilly 50's, High-School, DooWop, Neo-Rockabilly y Psychobilly clsico!! Pinchar en los enlaces que hay al final de los titulos de la canciones para descargar el disco y las portadas. Os enviar directamente a "Megaupload" donde podreis descargar el disco comprimido en Winrar. Espero que os guste!!!!!!!!!! Hi guys, welcome to my blog. Overhere you'll find 50's Rock and Roll, 50's Rockabilly, High-School, Doo-Wop, Neo-Rockabilly and Early Psychobilly!! Click on any of the archives listed below. At the end of each track list is a download link. You will be directed to 'Megaupload' where you can download a winrar file containing the album as MP3 files and the front and back cover artwork as jpeg files. Hope you enjoy it!! Krazy Maybe Cristobal. February 2009.VER TODO M I P ERFI L


Elvis Presley - Elvis In Germany - It Was 50 Years Ago 1958 - 2008


rockabillyranch The Very Best Of The Chords

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This is a very good bootleg album from the King during his days on the army in Germany . It contains remakes and alternate takes, the remakes of the songs are so cool, they are very differents, listen the new version of Paralyzed, it's amazing, I think it's a nice CD for Elvis fans and Rock and Roll lovers. Have fun!!!

TEENAGERINLOVE WildsVille --Monsieur Records

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planeta rockabilly A LA MIERDAHace 1 semana

The Fifties Fever Acoso y derribo a los Rockin


Track list 1.- Genee Harris - Bye bye Elvis; 2.- Soldier boy (take 7); 3.- So glad you're mine (remake); 4.- Paralyzed (remake); 5.- How's the world treating you (alt.take); 6.- Blueberry hill (alt.take); 7.- A big hunk o' love (remake); 8.- Harbor lights (remake); 9.- How do you think I feel (remake); 10.- Wooden heart (alt.take); 11.- Peace in the valley (take 3); 12.- My baby left me (remake); 13.- Pocketful of rainbows (remake); 14.- Dark moon (remake); 15.- Doin' the best I can (Remake); 16.- Blue moon of Kentucky (stereo remake); 17.- Frankfort special (take 8); 18.- Kiss me kick (remake); 19.- Little cabin on the hill (remake); 20.- A fool such as I (alt.take); Bonus!! 21.- Vernon Presley - Don't close your door; 22.- Lisa Marie & Elvis - In the ghetto; 23.- Lisa Marie & Elvis - Don't cry daddy. Download disc and coversPUBLI CADO POR KRAZ Y M AYBE CRI STOBA L EN 20:1 2 ETIQU ETAS : ROCK AN D ROLL 4 COM EN TARI OS

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RCA / VICTOR Rock 'n' Rollers Vol.2

Track listVOTE

1. Janis Martin - Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll 2. Pee Wee King - Blue suede shoes 3. Jeff Barry - Hip couple 4. Autry Inman - Mary Nell 5. Joey Castle - That ain't nothing but right 6. The Sprouts - Teen Billy baby 7. The Morgan Twins - TV hop 8. David Houston - Sugar sweet 9. Lee Denson - New shoes 10. Dave Rich - Rosie let's get coazy 11. Gene Morris - Lovin' honey 12. Janis Martin - Will you, Willyum 13. Jeff Barry - It's called Rock 'n' Roll 14. Jimmy Dell - I've got a dollar 15. Milton Allen - Don't bug me baby 16. Janis martin - Let's elope baby 17. Pee Wee King - Catty town 18. Davis Houston - One and only 19. Don Gibson - Sittin' here cryin' 20. The Morgan Twins - Let's get goin' 21. Janis Martin - My boy Elvis 22. Lee Denson - Heart of a fool 23. Dave Rich - School blues 24. Jimmy Dell - Rainbow doll 25. Don Gibson - Sweet sweet girl 26. Janis Martin - All right baby 27. Jimmy Dell - She won't pet Download disc and coversPUBLI CADO POR KRAZ Y M AYBE CRI STOBA L EN 22:1 1 ETIQU ETAS : ROCK AN D ROLL , ROCK ABI LLY 3 COM EN TARI OS ARCHIVO DEL BLOG

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2009 (406) diciembre (14) noviembre (27) octubre (43) septiembre (28) agosto (42) Cruisers - Cry For More (Live) - 1987 Cruisers - On Top - 1988 Plus 3 Bonus-Tracks Cruisers - Real Gone Girl 1994 Cruisers - Rumble Again 1997 The Nitros - Nightshades Something's Gotta Give!... The Nitros - Stompin' Beat 1990 Elvis Presley - Alternate For The Asking Connie Francis - Connie


Three Steps To Heaven - The Eddie Cochran Story - 1988 - CD Box 4 Discs

Rocks Elvis Presley - It Happened At The World's Fair - ... Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas - 1964 - FTD Hot Boogie Chillun - Same 1995 Hot Boogie Chillun - Sweets 1997 Elvis Presley - 50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wro... Elvis Presley - The Alternate Golden Records Vol.3... Elvis Presley - Alternate Elvis' Gold Records Vol.... Elvis Presley - 32thBiography:Born: Oct 03, 1938 in Albert Lea, MinnesotaDied: Apr 17, 1960 in Chippenham, Wiltshire, EnglandSomehow, time has not accorded Eddie Cochran quite the same respect as other early rockabilly pioneers like Buddy Holly, or even Ricky Nelson or Gene Vincent. This is partially attributable to his very brief lifespan as a star: he only had a couple of big hits before dying in a car crash during a British tour in 1960. He was in the same league as the best rockabilly stars, though, with a brash, fat guitar sound that helped lay the groundwork for the power chord. He was also a good songwriter and singer, celebrating the joys of teenage life -- the parties, the music, the adolescent rebellion -- with an economic wit that bore some similarities to Chuck Berry. Cochran was more lighthearted and less ironic than Berry, though, and if his work was less consistent and not as penetrating, it was almost always exuberant. Cochran's mid-'50s beginnings in the record industry are a bit confusing. His family had moved to Southern California around 1950, and in 1955 he made his first recordings as half of the Cochran Brothers. Here's the confusing part: although the other half of the act was really named Hank Cochran, he was not Eddie's brother. (Hank Cochran would become a noted country songwriter in the 1960s.) Eddie was already an accomplished rockabilly guitarist and singer on these early sides, and he started picking up some session work as well, also finding time to make demos and write songs with Jerry Capehart, who became his manager. Cochran's big break came about in a novel fashion. In mid-1956, while Cochran and Capehart were recording some music for low-budget films, Boris Petroff asked Eddie if he'd be interested in appearing in a movie that a friend was directing. The film was The Girl Can't Help It, and the song he would sing in it was "Twenty-Flight Rock." This is the same song that Paul McCartney would use to impress John Lennon upon their first meeting in 1957 (Paul could not only play it, but knew all of the lyrics).

Anniversary of Elvis Presley'... Elvis Presley - Girls! Girls! Girls! - 1962 - FTD Elvis Presley - Girl Happy 1965 - FTD Elvis Presley - Silver Screen Stereo Dean Reed - The Red Elvis The Very Strange Story... Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living - His Recordi... Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living - Disc 1 Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living - Disc 2 Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living - Disc 3 Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living - Disc 4 Bobby Darin - Bobby Rocks Bobby Curtola - Meet Bobby Curtola "Mr. Personalit... Annette Funicello Annette's Scrapbook - The 31 G... Elvis Presley - Studio B -

Cochran had his first Top 20 hit in early 1957, "Sittin' in the Balcony," with an echo-chambered vocal reminiscent of Elvis. That single was written by John D. Loudermilk, but Eddie would write much of his material, including his only Top Ten hit, "Summertime Blues." A definitive teenage anthem with hints of the overt protest that would seep into rock music in the 1960s, it was also a technical tour de force for the time: Cochran overdubbed himself on guitar to create an especially thick sound. One of the classic early rock singles, "Summertime Blues" was revived a decade later by prot


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