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  • 1. Atividades e trabalhos desenvolvidos por Joaquim Leo Activities and developed studies Joaquim LeaoStrategy in Brazil Joaquim P. Leo Assignment for Country Manager BrazilP-52 Semi-sub in Brasfels shipyard(Keppel-Fels) Angra, Rio de JaneiroStrategy in Brazil Joaquim P. Leo Assignment for Country Manager Brazil General Assumptions 3 Petrobras General Information 4 Investments General, Local Content7 Opportunities Upstream and Downstream 9 Critical Equipment and Services 10 Petrobras Strategies in E&P 13 Main Oil and Gas Production Projects18 Pre-salt Challenge and Oil & Gas New Frontiers20 Main Refinery Projects25 Project Finance and MoU with Petrobras27 Important Issues to Operate in Brazil 28 Beginning Larsen &Toubro Operations in Brazil 30Estratgias para atuao no Brasil Larsen & ToubroLarsen & Toubro Strategy in Brazil(02/2009 Mumbai, India)

2. Brazil VC with Mr A. M. Naik, Chairman & Managing Director and Board MembersLarsen & Toubro Country Manager - Larsen & Toubro Brazil5th December, 2008 Its all about Imagineering in Brazil4. Brazil Competitiveness Source: Global Competitiveness Report 2008-2009 from World Economic Forum 20 Video conferncia com Mr. A.M. Naik, Chairman e com membros da diretoria da Larsen & Toubro Video Conference with Mr A.M. Naik, Chairman and with members of the Board Larsen & Toubro(12/2008) 3. Going beyond the traditional incorporationProducts and Services Products and Services Remotely Operated VehiclesEngineering IDP Intelligent Dynamic Positioning Heavy Weather DeploymentSystem Tooling Packages ROVs Pressure Step (Bulk Weighing System) Training Facilities ROV Simulations (MIMIC) Moor Safe (Mooring Line MonitoringSystem) Subsea Products NavigationIntelligentSystems Multiflex Precisenav (Navigation and SurveyDP Subsea Field Development HDWSoftware) Grayloc Products Pipeline Repair Systems Cyscan (location tracking system) Rotator Deepwater Technical Solutions Radascan (advanced position reference BOP Control Systemssystem) Special Projects Equipment Monitoring and Control Systems Subsea ProjectsSymmetry/DP Installation ServicesBusiness Unit Robots Subsea Field Development Knowledge Vessels Engineering Software Skilled people Diving Systems adequacy Navigation and Survey Systems General Mgm Mobile Offshore Production Systems Sales Inspection Integrated Software and Hardware Finance Advanced TechnologiesSolutions Control Apresentao ao Presidente da Oceaneering no Brasil Presentation to Oceannering President Brazil (11/2008) A Business Approach to Americas Fighting against Dengue FeverSIT RIDLPassionate peopleMaking a differenceSIT Sterile Insect TechniqueRIDL Release of Insects carrying a Dominant LethalPlano de Negcios para a OxitecBusiness Plan Oxitec (Oxford, UK, 01/2008) 4. Joining BP Biofuels teamThe road to renewalLearning by doingPhilip News presentation in Britcham, Rio, 27th march 2007Recruitment process presentation Dealing with the favorables and oppositions The Favorable discussions: BP Biofuels production in Brazil should be an example of environmental and social care, correct land utilization, modern harvesting and irrevocable figures on production and technology, generating local development and positive GHG emissions balance. Sinergy in Caribbean BP presence hub for USA biofuels exportations (Trinidad and Tobago, maybe Panama? ) EBI agreements with ESALQ, IAC, Embrapa sugar cane technology and biobutanol; 2nd generation lignocellulosic ethanol and biobutanol. Synergy for Jatropha project in India or new projects in Brazil? Embrapa and Brazilian biodiesel companies expertise. Targetneutral: idea on biofuels projects and investments in Brazil? The Opposite discussions how to avoid and counteractions Critics about environment, water misuse, deforestation and food lands. International presence in biofuels production in Brazil. Sugestes para atuao da BP Biofuels no BrasilSugestions for BP Biofuels actions in Brazil (2007)How to establish and improve general ideas onactual budget, strategic and business planHands on businessCorporation market conditions in Brazil (Benchmark and Market share). Acknowledgment of the core business, strengthness and weakness, team expertise and profile, general resources, planning and budged for the country, general strategy. General operation and risk management, current contracts, general claims or revising contracts, extensions on current contracts, new bids. Some questions about the core competencies of the corporation: Are there opportunities in other countries that could be practiced in Brazil? Are there opportunities to increase relationship in Petrobras business overseas which could improve business opportunities for the corporation? 19Plano de Negcios para operao da Baker Hughes no Brasil Business plan for Baker Hughes operations in Brazil (2006) 5. Trabalho de consultoria em petroqumica e benchmark Consultancy work on petrochemics and benchmark Estudo de mercado Market and Benchmark Studies 6. Oportunidades e Estratgia de Ao na Indstria Petroqumica no BrasilOpportunities and strategies in Petrochemical Sector in Brazil Merger and Acquisitions Privatization Desestatizao Fuses e Aquisies 7. Atividades e hobbies / Activities and hobbiesThis is my swimming pool...I live hereCopacabana beach Diabosbeach Ipanema beachArpoador In memoriam a Maria Lenk, primeira brasileira medalhista olmpica A swimming tribute to Maria Lenk, 1st Brazilian olimpic gold medalist Meu quintal, minha piscina, aqui eu nado (vista de Ipanema a partir do Arpoador) My backyard, my swimming pool, I swim here(Ipanema view from Arpoador rocks) 8. Presidente do CVAS Clube Vmax Amrica do Sul President of CVAS South America Vmax Club 9. Diretor de Esportes Vlei CR FlamengoVolleyball Sports Director CR Flamengo