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    Annual ACAMS Country Conference / Symposium Series: “Enhanced AML and Financial Crime Tools & Techniques”

    9th Annual ACAMS Tokyo Conference 6 September 2018 | Tokyo, JAPAN

    Conrad Tokyo 1-9-1 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    ACAMS ナショナルコンファレンス/シンポジウム・シリーズ

    継続的なマネーローンダリング/テロ資金供与/金融犯罪対策 - 現状と課題

    ACAMS 第 9 回東京コンファレンス



    東京都港区東新橋 1-9-1 (Simultaneous Translation between English and Japanese will be Provided)


    08:00 – 09:00 Registration and Morning Tea


    09:00 – 09:10 Welcome Remarks


    Masahiko Hibino, CAMS, Country Head of Japan, ACAMS


    Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS

    09:10 – 09:40 SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Lessons Learned from FATF’s 4th Round Mutual Evaluations to-date


    Speaker 講演者:

    Rick McDonell, Executive Director, ACAMS, Former Executive Secretary, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) 09:40 – 10:00 Regulatory Update: Analyzing Regional AML Trends and New Developments

    講演1:「最新規制動向:アジア地域の AML 動向と新たな展開」

    • Assessing recent regulatory actions and guidance to establish best practices for meeting evolving

    regulatory expectations in APAC and global compliance efforts



    • Detailing new and upcoming regulatory changes in Hong Kong, Singapore and other APAC

    jurisdictions to adjust oversight systems as warranted


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    • Reviewing regulatory developments in the insurance and brokerage sectors


    Speaker 講演者:

    Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia, ACAMS

    10:00 – 10:30 Current Status and Issues of AML/CFT Developments Affecting Financial Institutions in Japan

    講演2:「金融機関における AML/CTF の現状と課題」

    Speaker 講演者:

    Hiroshi Ozaki, CAMS, Director, AML/CFT Policy Office, Strategy Development and Management Bureau, Financial Services Agency-Japan

    金融庁、 総合政策局、マネーローンダリング・テロ資金供与対策企画室長、CAMS、 尾崎 寛 氏

    10:30 - 10:50 Networking and Refreshment Break


    10:50 – 12:15 WORKSHOP: Wrestling with the new Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Questionnaire and related Internal Implications


    • Reviewing the new Wolfsberg Due Diligence Questionnaire and providing practical advice how to internally coordinate the 110 questions


    • Contrasting the simplified CDD process against Enhanced Due Diligence requirements through a practical exercise

    実例を通した簡素かされた CDD と強化された顧客管理措置の対比

    • Resolving AML issues and conflicts to ensure mutually beneficial correspondent relationships

    相互的に利益のあるコルレス関係構築のための AML の問題と利害対立の解決

    Speakers 講演者:

    Dr. William Scott Grob, CAMS, AML Director – APAC, ACAMS Mike Howey, APAC Head of AML Advisory, Barclays Bank Japan

    12:15 – 13:15

    Networking Luncheon


    13:15 – 13:45 HOT TOPICS in AML and Financial Crime

    講演 3:ホット・トピック:AML 及び金融犯罪

    A financial crime prevention expert will address specific issues involving the latest financial crime compliance

    and AML challenges faced by APAC professionals. From anti-bribery and corruptions efforts, ultimate

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    beneficial ownership, sanctions, etc. — this session will highlight topics identified a few weeks before the


    APAC 地域の金融犯罪及び AML 専門家が直面する課題(贈収賄、真の受益者、制裁等)

    Speaker 講演者:

    David J. A. Cope, Managing Director & Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Goldman Sachs LLC (Hong Kong)

    13:45 – 15:00 PANEL SESSION – A Focus on Japan: Practical Examples and Best Practices for Implementation of the Latest

    Regulations and On-going Preparations for Upcoming FATF Mutual Evaluation

    パネル・セッション:「FATF 第 4 次対日相互審査とその後の継続的改善」

    Panelists パネリスト:

    Yukiko Akioka, CAMS, Director, Financial Crimes Office for Japan, Global Financial Crimes Division, MUFG Bank, Ltd.

    株式会社三菱 UFJ 銀行、グローバル金融犯罪対策部、グローバル金融犯罪対策室(日本)、上席調査役、

    CAMS、 秋岡 由起子 氏

    Fumiteru Ueno, CAMS, General Manager, Anti Money Laundering & Financial Crime Prevention Dept. General Affairs Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

    株式会社三井住友銀行、総務部、AML 金融犯罪対策室長、CAMS、上野 文照 氏

    Taeko Hori, CAMS, Senior Manager, Compliance Promotion Department, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

    みずほ銀行、コンプライアンス推進部、マネー・ローンダリング対策室、参事役、CAMS、堀 多恵子 氏

    Toru Yamazaki, CAMS-Audit, Head of Japan GFCC, J.P. Morgan

    JP モルガン・チェース銀行東京支店、 コンプライアンス部 グローバル・フィナンシャル・クライム・コンプライアンス 日本統括責任

    者、CAMS-Audit、山崎 亨 氏

    Moderator モデレーター:

    Chiharu Yamazaki, CAMS, CFE, Managing Director, Financial Services, KPMG AZSA LLC

    有限責任あずさ監査法人、 金融アドバイザリー部、 マネージング・ディレクター、CAMS、CFE、山﨑 千春 氏

    15:00 – 15:15 Networking and Refreshment Break


    15:15 – 15:45 Best Practices in AML Audit from a Japanese Institution’s Perspective

    講演 4:「FATF 第4次対日審査対応と監査の役割」

    • Introducing MUFG Bank and Its Internal Audit Division


    • Understanding the role of CAMS-Audit Program in meeting MUFG’s Audit Objectives

    公認 AML 監査スペシャリスト資格

    • Evaluating the Impact of Preparations for Japan’s FATF 4th Round and the Role of Audit

    FATF 第 4 次対日審査対応と監査の役割

    • Recent Topic


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    Speaker 講演者:

    Masanori Yoshimura, CAMS-Audit, Managing Director, Internal Audit Division, MUFG Bank, Ltd.

    三菱 UFJ 銀行、監査部 監査 Gr、次長、吉村 匡則 氏

    15:45 - 16:55 APAC Focus: Adapting RegTech to Meet AML/CFT Challenges

    講演 5:「AML/CFT における Regtech の取組:その目的と課題」

    • Exploring RegTech’s Role in the AML/CFT Industry

    AML/CFT における RegTech 概観

    • Understanding the Current Players in RegTech

    RegTech が注目を浴びる理由

    • Evaluating the Potential Contribution of RegTech

    RegTech 推進上の留意点

    Speakers 講演者:

    Daisuke Nakao, CAMS, Chief Advisor, Global Financial Crime Division Global Financial Crime Office (Japan) MUFG Bank, Ltd.

    株式会社三菱 UFJ 銀行、グローバル金融犯罪対策部 グローバル金融犯罪対策室(日本)、チーフ アドバイザー、CAMS、

    中雄 大輔 氏

    Chiharu Yamazaki, CAMS, CFE, Managing Director, Financial Services, KPMG AZSA LLC

    有限責任あずさ監査法人、 金融アドバイザリー部、 マネージング・ディレクター、CAMS、 CFE、山﨑 千春 氏

    Moderator モデレーター:

    Masahiko Hibino, CAMS, Country Head of Japan, ACAMS


    16:55 – 17:00 Wrap-Up & Key Takeaways


    Masahiko Hibino, CAMS, Country Head of Japan, ACAMS


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    Rick McDonell Executive Director ACAMS Former Executive Secretary Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Mr. McDonell was the Executive Secretary of the FATF from 2007 - 2015. Among the many accomplishments at the FATF was the negotiation and approval of the revised FATF Standards, the development of a new, standardized assessment “methodology” for the global FATF network and the start of a new ro