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  1. 1. Narrative TA: intuition background images dreams guided imagery metaphors storytellingInstitute for systemic consulting, Wiesloch (Germany) 1www.isb-w.de
  2. 2. AT Narrativa: intuio imagens de fundo sonhos imaginao guiada metforas narrativaInstitute for systemic consulting, Wiesloch (Germany) 2www.isb-w.de
  3. 3. IntuitionInstitute for systemic consulting, Wiesloch (Germany) 3www.isb-w.de
  4. 4. IntuioInstitute for systemic consulting, Wiesloch (Germany) 4www.isb-w.de
  5. 5. Intuition and TA The Origins of TA : Intuition and ego-states(Bernes papers 1949-1962 Paul McCormic ed.) TA concepts as crystallizations of Bernes (and others) intuitions focussed on psychotherapy motivations, biography, limiting life plans, enacting drama (early definition BERNE script = transference drama) 5
  6. 6. Intuio e AT As origens da AT: intuio e estados de ego(Artigos de Berne 1949-1962 Paul McCormic ed.) Conceitos de AT como cristalizao das intuies de Berne (e outros) Focado em psicoterapia motivaes, biografia, limitao dos planos de vida, atuao do drama (definio BERNE script = drama transferncia) 6
  7. 7. Definition of intuition Berne, Eric 1949 (based on Aristotle) the way we know something without knowing how we know, and often without knowing in words, what we know, but we act as if we knew.7
  8. 8. Definio de Intuio Berne, Eric 1949 (baseado em Aristteles) a forma como sabemos algo sem saber como sabemos, e frequentemente sem saber em palavras, o que sabemos, mas agimos como se soubssemos. 8
  9. 9. Evolutionary function ofintuitionImagine an ancient human, drinking at a spring, isconfronted with a wolf:Is it hungry, strong, aggressive etc? Am I strong,energetic? How far is the next tree? Is it easy tobe climbed quickly? Would running or freezingattract the wolf? etc.There is no chance to compute all thisrationally, but by intuition, which leads directlyto action.9
  10. 10. Funo Evolucionria da IntuioImagine um humano antigo, bebendo em umafonte, confrontado com um lobo:Ele est faminto, forte, agressivo, etc.? Eu souforte, enrgico? Quo longe est a prximaarvore? fcil escal-la rapidamente? Ser quecorrer ou ficar parado atrairia o lobo? Etc.No h qualquer chance de computar tudo istoracionalmente, s por intuio, que levadiretamente a ao. 10
  11. 11. Evolution of intuitionIs intuition per se selfish? No! Modern science: "Evolution is cooperation!" But person has to be free to use intuition for others. (No taboos or undetected desires!)Is it possible to only refer to others? No! It is ok to tell and live your own story, but in a way also useful to others11
  12. 12. Evoluo da intuio a intuio, por si s egosta? No!Cincia moderna: Evoluo cooperao!Mas a pessoa deve ser livre para usar aintuio para os outros. (Sem tabus oudesejos no detectados!) possvel que s se refira aos outros? No! ok contar e viver sua prpria histria, masde uma forma til tambm para outros12
  13. 13. Broader perspectives Intuition is judgement about reality (Schmid1991). Intuition can be qualified or unqualified, can lead or mislead. Professional intuition must be trained and must become focussed according to what sphere is relevant and for what professional purposes it is needed. Different professionals should have different masteries in intuition, because they have different spheres of reality to deal with, different roles and different responsibilities. 13
  14. 14. Perspectivas mais amplas Intuio um julgamento da realidade (Schmid1991). Intuio pode ser qualificada ou no qualificada, pode conduzir ou enganar. Intuio profissional deve ser treinada e deve tornar- se focada de acordo com qual esfera seja relevante e quais propsitos profissionais sejam necessrios Diferentes profissionais deve ter diferentes habilidades na intuio, uma vez que tem que lidar com diferentes esferas de realidade, diferentes papeis e diferentes responsabilidades.14
  15. 15. Intuition of the Possible" BERNEs intuitions meant perceptions ofrepresented archaic realities." JUNGs intuition meant also the anticipationof possible realities: What could be realinstead of what is real already?= perception of the potential." Realize means: perceive the possibilityand help to make it real. 15
  16. 16. Intuio do Possvel" A intuio de BERNE significava percepesdas realidades arcaicas representadas" A intuio de JUNG significava tambm aantecipao de possveis realidades: o quepoderia ser real ao invs do que e real?= percepo do potencial" Perceber significa: perceber a possibilidadee ajudar a torn-la real.16
  17. 17. Typology of C.G.Jungthinkingintuition of the possible experiencing valuingInstitut fr systemische Beratung, Wiesloch17www.isb-w.de
  18. 18. Typologia de C.G.Jung pensarIntuio do possvel experimentar avaliarInstitut fr systemische Beratung, Wiesloch18www.isb-w.de
  19. 19. Bernes limitations to intuition1. Taboos = not being allowed to deal withcertain aspects of reality2. Desires and fears = seduced or blocked ordriven by hidden motivations, we do notdare face or admit.19
  20. 20. Limitaes da intuio segundoBerne1. Tabus = no sendo permitido lidar comalguns aspectos da realidade2. Desejos e medos = seduzido ou bloqueadoou impulsionado por motivaes ocultas,que no se atrevem a encarar ou admitir.20
  21. 21. More limitations (B. Schmid)3. Fixations in habits (cultural, professionaland organizational)4. Lack of competence and knowledge5. Blocking experimental flow (initially notknowing which models and approaches touse)6. Lack of tuning into each others spirit7. Lack of inspiring ideas and creative designsfor future realities21
  22. 22. Mais limitaes (B. Schmid)3. Fixaes em hbitos (cultural, profissional eorganizacional)4. Falta de competncia e conhecimento5. Bloqueio do fluxo experimental(inicialmente sem saber quais os modelos eabordagens usar)6. Falta de sintonia com os espiritos dos outros7. Falta de idias inspiradoras e desenhoscriativos para realidades futuras 22
  23. 23. Intuition ScienceBerne:Scientific methods,which offer more security, andintuition,which opens up more options,are themutual basis for creative action. 23
  24. 24. Intuio CinciaBerne:Mtodos cientficos,que oferecem mais segurana, eintuio,que abre mais possibilidades,sobases mutuas para a ao criativa. 24
  25. 25. Background imagesInstitute for systemic consulting, Wiesloch (Germany) 25www.isb-w.de
  26. 26. Imagens de fundoInstitute for systemic consulting, Wiesloch (Germany) 26www.isb-w.de
  27. 27. Dialogue model of communication27
  28. 28. Dialogue model of communication28
  29. 29. Lifeplans are influenced by: nature of the individual talents and ambitions equipment and requests from family attitudes to life and lifestyles of the milieu in which one was brought up formative experiences, often represented by key events and inner images29
  30. 30. Planos de vida sao influenciados por: natureza do individuo talentos e ambicoes equipamentos e solicitacoes familiares atitudes para com a vida e estilos de vidado meio em que se foi criado experincias de formao, muitas vezesrepresentado por eventos-chave eimagens internas 30
  31. 31. Lifeplans and storiesNot primarily scripts, but creative lifeplanse.g. Fanita Englishs lifeplan development:Compare stories1. childhood2. adolescence3. presenceFanita: "Berne would have developed in theJungian direction."31
  32. 32. Planos de vida e historiasNo primariamente scripts, mas planos de vida criativose.g. Fanita Englishs desenvolvimento do plano de vida:Comparar historias1. infancia2. adolescenci3. presenteFanita: "Berne teria se desenvolvido na32direcao Jungiana."
  33. 33. Life is meaningHumans are narrative beings.Life is myth, is telling your story.People are always oriented to what theywant to become,telling you somehow, who they want to beor are going to becomeEmpathy for the possible:intuition for the possible future of the other 33
  34. 34. Viver e significarHumanos so seres narrativos.Viver mito, contar a sua historia.As pessoas so sempre orientadas aquilo quequerem se tornar, dizendo de alguma forma,quem eles querem ser ou vo ser tornar.Empatia para o possvel:Intuio para o possvel futuro do outro34
  35. 35. Orientation in life illustrated byinner images: e.g. Train conductorQ: "When you were young, what were your images of whatyou would do some day, professionally?"A: Train conductor!Q: "What images/scenes are related with this occupationin your mind?"A: 1. "Me and my engine - nobody knows it as I do!" 2. "My colleague and I - two comrades travel around the world!" 3. "So many people, who trust me - I shall guarantee them a safe trip!" 4. "Oriental Express - Many foreign countries. 35 Great Uniform! I personally welcome all VIPs.
  36. 36. Meaningful background imagesPeople "adopt"/filter images from their life orfrom stories, which represent experiences,self-perception or tendencies of the soul.By exploring those images and mirroring in dialogue with others, we get a sense of the personality, the myths and lifestyles, that the soul is interested in and ingredients of life situations, which fit.36
  37. 37. Meaningful background images for profession and organization1. For understanding and creatingmeaningful professional situations andones professional career2. Understanding ones perception oforganizational developments andmatching those with ones owndevelopment3. Monitoring, matching and dialoguing onthat 37
  38. 38. Exercise: images referring to matching individual and organization1. Me past/ Me present/ Me future2. Org past/Org present/Org futureMeOrganization38
  39. 39. Why work with background images?1. Humans are meaning-oriented and mythical!2. You can touch the essence of people withoutintimate information!3. Reveals background drifts in processes andrelationships.4. Very effective in


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