10 seminrio tecnolgico - seminrio tecnolgico ... 3x solid via plating 4x pressing rim gemini asp...

Download 10 Seminrio Tecnolgico -   Seminrio Tecnolgico ... 3X solid via plating 4X pressing RIM Gemini ASP 82.8 ...  @br.  Telefone: 011-3205-8305

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  • 10 Seminrio Tecnolgico

    Placa de Circuito Impresso

    Tendncias de Mercado e Tecnologia

    Luiz Fernando Guerra Conselheiro ABRACI

    13 de Setembro 2012

  • Brasil produo local 134 (0,2%) 94 (0,2%) 105 ( 0.2%) 120 (0.2%) 110 (0.2%) 115 (0.2%)


  • IPC B2B USA Aug 2012

    B2B Brasil ????? No sabemos

  • 13,3%

    Participao do Brasil no consumo de produtos eletrnicos

    Consumo Eletroeletrnicos 2012

    Mundial : US$ 1.140 Bilhes

    Brasil : US$ 152 Bilhes (13.43%) (*)

    (*) fonte ABINEE 2012

    Placas de Circuito Impresso 2012

    Mundial : US$ 61.4 Bilhes

    Brasil : US$ 94 Milhes (0.15%) (*)

    (*) fonte ABRACI 2012


    Participao do Brasil na fabricao de circuitos impressos

  • Brasil 7.5 2.7 1.8%E 4% E

  • N.T. Information

  • Layers Brasil Tecnologia

    3+2+3 No HDI + Flex

    4, 6, 8 Sim Rigido + Flex

    6 e 8 Sim Rigido + Flex

    1,2,4, 6 Sim Rigido + Flex

    1,2,4,6 Sim HDI + Flex

    1,2 Sim Rigido + Flex

    2,4 F No Rigido/Flex

    1,2,4,6 Sim Rigido + Flex

  • Modelo Atual da Industria Eletrnica Mundial

  • 10

    Mobile Phone - Technology Revolution

    Palm Pixie

    10L ELIC

    1217 K lasers

    5 X solid via plating

    4 X pressing

    ASP 83.4

    Motorola Sholes

    4 + 2 + 4

    1225 K lasers

    3 X solid via plating

    4 X pressing

    ASP 61.7

    Motorola Titanium

    4 + 2 + 4

    2,147 K lasers

    3X solid via plating

    4X pressing

    ASP 82.8 RIM Gemini

    3 + (4) + 3

    878 K lasers

    3 X solid via plating

    4 X pressing

    ASP 53.1

    No. of

    laser drill

    2008 2009 2010

    SEMC Victoria


    175 K lasers

    no solid via plating

    2X pressing

    ASP 39.4

    RIM Fuwa

    2 + (6) + 2

    260 K lasers

    2X solid via plating

    3X pressing

    ASP 43.8

    Major customers are moving to ELIC



  • 11

    ELIC product design Repetitive Process Flow

    LDI conformal + inner circuitry 8 X

    Lamination 4 X

    DI, Screen for SM 1 X

    Cu Reduction line 5 X

    DES for conformal opening 5 X

    Dry film laminator for conformal mask 5 X

    Horizontal via plating, Atotech Cu12 1 X

    Plasma 5 X

    E-Tester 1 X

    10L ELIC process flow number of passes/area

    10L ELIC stack up

  • 12

    Typical 10L ELIC process flow

    L56 material release

    (1/3 oz cu)

    CO2 laser

    (2 shots, 20%

    capacity gain)

    CM imaging,

    DES (LDI)

    EVF solid via


    Cu flash

    plate 5 um

    Landing pad



    Cu reduction to

    max. 30 um for all


    L5/6 DES

    by LDI

    Panel scrubbing to

    remove cu particle

    Desmear and




    Lamination with

    1/3 oz cu

    CM imaging,

    DES (LDI)

    CO2 laser

    (2 shots, 20%

    capacity gain)

    Landing pad



    Desmear and


    EVF solid via


    Cu flash

    plate 5 um

    Panel scrubbing to

    remove cu particle Cu reduction to

    max. 30 um

    DES by




    L00 lamination

    with 1/3 oz cu

    CM imaging,

    DES (LDI)

    CO2 laser

    (2 shots, 20%

    capacity gain)



    Desmear and


    EVF solid via


    Cu flash

    plate 5 um

    Panel scrubbing to

    remove cu particle

    L00 DES

    by LDI


    mask Routing ENIG

    Green processes

    are repeated for

    L47, L38 and L29


  • Tablet Shipment Forecast by Operational System

    2011 2012

    Milhes Unidades

    Market Share Milhes Unidades Market Share

    iOS 40 66,6 73 61

    Android 17,3 28,8 37,9 32

    QNX (RIM) 0,8 1,3 2,6 2,2

    Windows 0 0 4,9 4,4

    Other 1,9 3,3 0,5 0,4

    Total 60 100 118,9 100

    Gartner Inc.

  • Mobile handset maker Nokia announced on 14th Jun that it

    would slash 10,000 jobs, eliminating roughly 19% of its workforce

    by the end of 2013. In addition, it will close a factory and several

    research centers in Germany, Canada and Finland, and three

    senior executives will be stepping down.

    Hopes are on their upcoming Windows Phone 8 in alliance with

    Microsoft, but it wont be released till later this year.

    16 Nokia will lay off 10,000 jobs worldwide by the end of 2013

    Source: ZDNet, 14th Jun 2012

    Apple and Samsung together account for 90% of smartphone profits,

    control 55% of the market.

    Smartphone shipments were a total of 144.6 million units in Q1 12, a

    41% year over year gain. Apple shipped 35 million iPhones, while

    Samsung shipped 43 million devices of its own. Google, of course,

    has plans to use its Motorola businesses to break into a clear third

    place, but that could take time, if the company can pull it off at all.

    For now, Apple and Samsung rule the roost. Source: ABI Research, Q1 2012

    Given the dominance of Samsung as an Android OEM, and Apple the

    only OEM for iOS, the smartphone market almost feels like a two

    platform and two company duopoly




  • The precise look and feel of the hardware and software

    is still in the early design phase, but Google produced a

    concept design that looks like something out of a sci-fi

    movie. They're not quite what you'd see on RoboCop or

    Geordi LaForge, but they'll never be mistaken for normal

    eyeglasses either.

    The Google concept shows a video camera and a small

    piece of glass over the right eye, with no lens on the left.

    That half-and-half design was an intentional choice.

    "We think technology should work for you -- to be there

    when you need it and get out of your way when you

    don't," the company said on its Google+ page.

    The software design appears a lot cleaner than the

    hardware, with friendly icons and unobtrusive

    notifications. But Google's concept video portrays

    perhaps the loneliest vision of the future ever.

    A man starts his morning by putting his glasses on, then

    goes through most of his day talking to himself, without

    actually interacting with anyone face-to-face, save one

    friendly pat of a bulldog and a super-quick visit to a

    coffee truck with a buddy.

    Source: CNN Money

  • Agradecimentos ao Dr Nakahara pelas informaes do mercado internacional.

    Luiz Fernando Guerra: fernando.guerra@br.multek.com

    Telefone: 011-3205-8305



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